Love Yourself Now!

Love Yourself Now!

We’re all busy. Life gets in the way and the most important thing on your mile long to-do list goes out the window…..YOU! I’m sure you’ve heard this term several times: “self-love”, maybe even claimed it as one of your New Year’s resolutions.  But self-love is more than just a couple of things you do here and there throughout the week.  It’s a mindset, a lifestyle, and commitment to yourself.

I know, I know. You’re probably thinking, that’s a lot of pressure, and uhhh... maybe I’m just not ready or I don’t have the time.  But, trust me.  You are worth it, and you deserve this.

Here at Maris | Dehart we have made this commitment to ourselves and we want you to join us along this pursuit of happiness and bliss as we practice “self-love” every day.

So to start off this journey we want to begin with loving the skin we’re in.  Here’s some easy tips to keeping a positive mindset about yourself and loving your best self.

1. Move

Take a few minutes once your feet hit the floor to do some light stretching.  Focus on your breathing and actively feel the muscles in your body to feel present. This helps prep the mind and body and you’ll feel more energized to start the day.

2. Smile More

Spend time connecting with those who make you shine your brightest and feel your best. But be careful about where the conversation leads.  Have you ever noticed when you’re chatting with a friend/complaining, it leaves you feeling emotionally heavy? So, try this.  Focus on talking about your dreams, goals, and ideas.  You’ll find yourself inspired and smiling from ear to ear and instantly feeling lighter.


3. Express Gratitude

Try jotting down in a journal what your grateful for to reflect on your day. This could be little things that made you smile like, your favorite song came on just when you needed it.

We are so excited to continue to share different ways to express self-love and wellness throughout all facets of your life.  

Next week check back as we interview a clean beauty advocate, Stephanie Burr of BeautyCounter and get her advice on what it takes to transition to a green lifestyle.

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